Company 4WD Training

We have been training company 4WD drivers for many years and have a solid reputation for providing high quality training and assessment with positive outcomes at a realistic price.

4WD Practical Driving Skills or Refresher Course

$250.00 plus gst per person. (One person in your 4WD) Plus $45.00 in our 4wd

$180.00 per person plus gst (2 or more people in your 4WD) Plus $45.00 in our 4wd

This practical Off-Road 4WD driving skills course is designed to take a person from no or limited skill level to feeling confident behind the wheel while in easy to medium off-road environments.

You will practice Hill ascents, de-cents, side slope driving, gear selection (Manual or automatic transmissions), rough uneven ground driving basic recovery, and about the technology in your late model 4WD. This includes Traction control, Stability control, Hill de-sent control, Center diff lock use, Front and Rear Diff lock use (If equipped).

We can also factor in winch use, Fitting and use of tyre chains and any other requirements you have.

This course is also very useful for experienced 4WD drivers as a refresher course to remind them of basic safe 4WD techniques and to build on their present knowledge.

A big part of this course is teaching people to get where they need to go with minimal environmental impact..

(Approximately 3 hours duration)

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