Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Why should I take this 4WD course?

A) You will be shown how to get the best out of your 4WD in a controlled environment where safety comes first and your instructor is patient, experienced and qualified.

Q) Do I need a driver's licence?

A) Yes. For a practical only course in your own vehicle you need a restricted or full class 1 (car) licence.

Q) Do I need my own 4WD vehicle?

A) It is better to drive your own 4WD to learn how it behaves off road. If you need Trackwise 4WD to supply a vehicle we can do this for drivers with a restricted or full class 1 (car) licence.

Q) Will my 4WD get damaged?

A) This is a basic safety course and every attempt is made to avoid vehicle damage. We cannot guarantee that there will be no damage but it is very unlikely.

Q) How many people do you need for a course to take place?

A) One person at a time or small groups can also take part. We also let passengers ride for free.

Q) Is my vehicle insured when I take part in this activity?

A) You will need to check with your insurance company.

Q) When do you have training days?

A) Seven days a week including holidays. (bookings essential)

Q) Do you hold ladies-only days?

A) Yes. We are happy to hold lady-only training days where women don’t need to deal with the extra stress of their husband, partner or boyfriend watching their every move.

Q) How do I book a 4WD course?

A) Phone 0800 200 227 or 027 286 9383 or