Company 4WD Training

A course designed to fit your company requirements from basic skills to a full NZQA course. Price depends on location, number of participants & requirements.

COMPANY VEHICLE FAMILIARISATION and BASIC SKILLS 4WD COURSE  $150.00 per person plus gst for groups of 4 or more   (Training venue hire costs may apply depending on location)

This course is proving to be very popular with companies.

It involves learning about technology's available in the modern 4WD by using Traction control, Hill decent, Diff locks etc. or when not to use Stability control, ABS brakes and Diff locks while driving the vehicle at a practical off-road venue.

This course also teaches the trainee all the basic practical skills required to use a 4WD in an off-road environment.

This is a hands on 4WD driving course where trainees get maximum value from doing and learning while not needing to worry about theory sessions.


A typical NZQA 4WD company course consists of the following unit standards:

·         17676: Carry out a pre-drive vehicle check on a light motor vehicle, start it up and shut it down.

·         17976: Demonstrate knowledge of operating a light 4WD vehicle in an off-road environment.

·         17978: Operate a light 4WD vehicle in an off-road environment. (For a total of 11 Credits) This course can be taken over one full day or two days depending on your company operational needs. Some companies drop Unit standard 17676 and replace it with Unit standard 20848: Demonstrate Knowledge of and Skills for Driving a Light Four Wheel Drive Vehicle On-Road

If taken at our Auckland or Whangarei permanent venues the above course cost is $295.00 per person plus gst.

If Unit standard 17676 is replaced with Unit standard 20848 the course cost is $325.00 per person plus gst.


We always aim to provide top quality 4WD driver training. Additional unit standards can be added to a course if required. Our aim is to make your employees safer operators of 4WD vehicles by showing them how to get to locations with minimal stress on the vehicle and encourage SAFETY FIRST thinking patterns in their mind. Please note that to process NZQA results directly through Mito the charge is $7.50 per credit. The credit fee is extra to the course fee.

We run several company 4WD training courses each month mostly in the Auckland area. We have a fantastic permanent venue just 35 minutes from Auckland CBD in west Auckland. 

We also take courses at your venue from Kaitaia to Invercargill.

For people in Northland we have our own driver training facility, which is approximately 20 minutes south of Whangarei on the corner of SH 1 and Totara Road, Mata. All our training courses are available from here including beach driving.

TRACKWISE 4WD LTD has been taking company 4WD training for many years and we are ongoing suppliers of courses to NZ Police, several councils, Large power/electric supply companies, several NZ Government organisations, Environmental and geotechnical companies and an extensive list of other companies.

We also supply courses for people taking up work positions overseas.

Our preferred group size for the NZQA training/assessment is 4 to 8 people.

Course price is plus gst.