Request for training property

TRACKWISE 4WD LTD takes 4WD safety courses in many parts of New Zealand.

We are currently looking for training venues in the following locations:

West Auckland,

(Kumeu, Waimauku, Huapai, Muriwai, Woodhill) .

We are looking for a property owner who will allow us to take practical 4WD safety courses on their land.

These safety courses are carried out at slow speed and a key element is teaching people to drive with minimal environmental impact.

We train private individuals and employees of companies how to use a 4WD safely off-road.

Until recently we have had the use of the 4WD park in Woodhill forest but this is no longer available. The land owners (Iwi) have been very helpful but we are also looking for an alternative location to the forest.

We naturally will pay for the use of your land and an added benefit to you is that all your employees/family will receive free 4WD driver training which also helps you with your obligations under the health and safety act.

All liability for anything that happens while we are on your land is on us and not the land owner. We will provide a full health and safety plan for what we do and we have a minimum insurance cover of five million dollars.

We are happy to sign a document absolving you from any blame in case of an accident taking place on your land while we are there.

Please take a look at our website to view the activities that we are involved in. We love West Auckland and are making it our permanent home.

If you would like to earn some extra money plus other benefits from letting us use your land please contact Colin on 0800 200 227 (Direct to my mobile phone) or email

Thank you for taking time to read this.



Colin Burden

Qualified trainer/Registered Workplace Assessor


Phone 0800 200 227