4WD Driver Training Individual (One to One)

(Minimum 3 hours) One to one practical training course where the trainer will teach you all the basics through to anything that you require.

This One to One 4WD driver training course is our most requested and popular course.

You will be given one to one training in your 4WD or one of ours. (You are welcome to bring a passenger at no extra cost)

This course involves you driving for 95% of the course duration over a variety of terrain and not only learning as we go but also having an enjoyable experience with your qualified instructor/trainer.

Your instructor will calmly teach you the safe limits of the vehicle and give you several driving tips over the extensive 3 plus hour course duration.

Our Auckland based courses take place at Castaways Resort, Waiuku, South West Auckland, where we have access to cliff top farm and beach 4WD tracks 7 days a week. This multi terrain all weather access location is a fantastic place to learn about your 4WD or you can use one of ours.

All our driver training courses are available from this location including beach driving.

If you wish to drive your own 4WD the course cost is $250.00

If you require us to supply a 4WD vehicle for your training this will cost $45.00 (Total course cost of $250.00 plus use our 4WD cost of $45.00 = $295.00)

People have experienced this prestige course in their Lexus, Toyota Landcruiser, Range Rover, Jeep Grand Cherokee and other premium SUV's 

Phone: 0800 200 227 or 027 286 9383 or email: info@trackwise4wd.co.nz